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Hello music lovers! Big Record Shows: Records, CD and Music Memorabilia. 2016 Show Dates. Shows are on Saturday, from 10 AM to 4 PM at The Haimerl Center-1421 Morse Road. Records, CD's, DVD's, 8 Tracks, Cassettes, Posters, Photos, Sheet Music, Beatles, Elvis and Kiss Items and Record Players are just a few of the items you might find at the show of over 100 tables with dealers from all over! VINYL WILL STILL BE KING! Share this with your music lovin' friends and family! See you there! Five dates in 2016! Read on. The 2016 dates are: February 27, April 23, June 11, September 17 and November 12. And, mark up your 2017 calendar! 2017 RECORD SHOW DATES: February 25, April 22, June 10, August 26 and November 4.

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WE LOVE OUR JOB and OUR CUSTOMERS: We are Colleen and Gus and besides the store we are promoters of the first record show in Columbus and we have been promoting this show since 1978. The record show is alive and well. All events take place at The Haimerl Center, 1421 Morse Road Columbus, Ohio.

ABOUT US: We both have enjoyed collecting since the 1960's. I, (Colleen) collected coins, and at the age of 12 bought a Victrola. I guess that started my record collection! I have played guitar & sang in clubs all over the country since the mid 1960's, as a solo, and with different groups. I still love to play out, when time permits. It's in my soul! My husband Gus, collected stamps, and records. He also played guitar in bands in the 1960's and 1970's. Together we have collected toys, records and rock and roll memorabilia. ~ Colleen and Gus.

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